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Let us evaluate you to see if we can help your problems without surgery!

What Our Chiropractic Patients Say:

Our E.P.I.C. Protocals are so advanced we can correct imbalanced vertabra to 1/100th of a degree!  It's corrections this precise that diminished this Parkinson's Patients tremors to ZERO!

Until now, most people believed a frozen shoulder required steroid injections and surgery with physical therapy to correct.  Our advanced upper cervical corrections can relieve pain and return motion without shots, surgery or therapy. 

Many people are told that herniated disc require surgery to repair, and still the patient is never the same.  Instead of being cut on, let us use our advanced flexion/distraction equipment to release the pain from the disc and use suppliments to decrease inflamation.

Concussion is a traumatic injury to the brain, it can cause a whole range of problems that may not be apparent at the time of injury, but appear later.  These problems may include memory loss, loss of concentration, headaches, weakness of the limbs, etc.  A precise adjustment using our advanced E.P.I.C protocal may aleviate these problems by returning the vertabrae to the optimal position. 

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