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Precision Chiro Clinics is proficient in 2 upper cervical techniques. E.P.I.C. (Evolutionary Percussive Instrument Corrections) and HIO Toggle Recoil.


EPIC has revolutionized chiropractic with the design of the 3D Integrity Genesis upper cervical table.  The 3D Integrity Genesis incorporates the only table mounted 3-axis instrument that delivers a percussive soundwave for correcting spinal misalignments. Patient x-rays are analyzed and utilized to calibrate the instrument in order to deliver the most precise adjustment possible.  The percussive soundwave is not hindered by any bony feature and is capable of practically any line-of-drive needed to restore proper cervical alignment.  The atlas is the leverage force to restore head and neck alignment with function.  Due to the construction costs and extensive time to manufacture, only five tables currently have been built. Precision Chiro Clinics, in Frisco, is the only clinic in Texas with one of the five.

HIO Toggle Recoil was the original Upper Cervical technique created by Dr. B.J. Palmer.  The technique was so effective, Dr. Palmer opened a clinic near an asylum and began treating patients with neurological conditions such as Parkinson's, MS, Alzhiemer's, Dementia before these condition were identified. While under Dr. Palmer's care, his patients began to recover much to the disbelief of fellow doctors.  The doctors started claiming Chiropractors helping the "Quacks" of the asylum, therefore Chiropractors must be "Quacks" too.


A patient by the name of John Grostic reached out to Dr. Palmer.  Grostic was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, which subsequently went into remission after his HIO Toggle Recoil treatments by Dr. Palmer.  John Grostic was so amazed that he began chiropractic college. Grostic's cancer later returned and no other Chiropractor was able to help him.  He sought out Dr. Palmer again. Following his adjustments, Mr. Grostic's cancer went into remission for a second time.


John Grostic returned to school and upon graduating, Dr. Grostic began developing ways for Chiropractors to refine and dupilicate a better adjustment for each Upper Cervical patient world-wide.  Dr. Grostic developed an analysis he termed Orthogonal.  After decades of refinement Orthogonal and HIO Toggle have been combined to create EPIC's Upper Cervical protocol.  


However, HIO Toggle is still an effective means of adjusting the Atlas/Axis and is utilized in our DeSoto office.



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